November 12, 2010- a letter from a client:

On the evening of November 8, 2010 my business computer crashed.  If this had occurred just a few months earlier it could have been a disaster.  But this time it was nothing to worry about.

Why was this computer crash such an insignificant event in my life?  A few months ago you set me up with Data Superhero, an off-site backup service.

When my computer crashed I knew that all my personal files, customer files, documents, tools, templates, books and articles I had written, financial records, contacts, testimonials, marketing materials, course materials, e-books, and all the other things that I treasured and kept in my computer were 100% safely backed up at Data Superhero.

Here's what happened after the crash.  I took my computer in to Cottage Computers to be repaired.  They rebuilt it using their priority service option.  During the repair they kept me posted about my options by phone.  By Thursday afternoon, November 11, 2010 my computer was back in my office, fully operational, and with all my data loaded.

Because you helped me protect my data with off-site backup, my computer crash was a simple inconvenience.  When I think about how economical it is to use this service compared to how expensive it is to lose even a few days worth of data, I wonder why everyone doesn't make this choice.

Thank you, Jesse Hill, Data Superhero and Cottage Computers.

Stephen Steckly
Profit Strategies Incorporated